Today’s news really scared me…
I thought I was safe in the MRT, but looks like it isn’t a safe place anymore.
I go to school by MRT every day, now I’m not sure this is a good idea…
I mean, I depent on this public transportation for almost 15 years or so, I trusted it so much. But some psychopath just ruined all I believed today.
I’m so scared right now, I even ignore my English grammar when I typing this.
I think the only thing I can do is keep calm, and pray for the victims.




Fandom: Skyeward! Philinda! Fitzsimmmons!

Producers: Lol. *gives MayWard*

Fandom: Wtf?

Producers: Lol. Just kidding. You wanted Skyeward..? *makes Ward Hydra* Here, have some Skyeward.


Producers: Oh and about Fitzsimmons… *enter Tripplet*

Fandom: WHAT ARE…

*Crying loudly

I remained silent before.

*Our government want to accept a trade agreement between China and Taiwan, but they didn’t tell the people about the details.

They just tell us a lie that it is good but don’t want us to know about.

Some of the students is now peacefully fighting for this.

If you are not Taiwanese, please pray for us and share these messages to your friends to let more and more people know.*

I know the government is just acting now.

Even the opposition political party is acting like a s**t.

I remained silent before.

But I’m afraid if I keep silent now, then no one will speak it out.